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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

I setup this site up as a way for Mach-E enthusiasts to connect via regional groups. I am hoping that this will lead to Mach-E club-like meet ups once we all have our cars.

Do I have to be in the US to Join?

No! I initially set up the default groups that are US centric, but I welcome Mach-E enthusiasts from anywhere. Feel free to join, participate, and even setup your own groups. I am not sure that I will be able to accomadate language translations, but if requested, I’ll try.

Can I list my club's website on here?

As long as it is Mach-E related, YES! You are welcome to share the details, contact information, website, info etc.

Can I link to your competitors?

Do you mean MachEForum, MachEClub, or others? YES! I don’t consider them competitors. We are all Mach-E enthusiasts that are part of the community. In fact, I am a member abd active participant of both of those.

Does this cost anything?

No, I do not plan on charging for access. I may use affiliate links or eventually run ads, but I want this to be free. Clubs may charge memberhsip dues to help offset their costs, but that is up to the individual clubs.

Is this part of the Mustang Club of America?

Nope. My goal/hope is that we can become a registered chapter of the Mustang Club of America. I’ll let you know if/when this becomes a reality!

This website was created and is maintained by Patrick Anderson of Mach-E VLOG. It is in no way connected to or endorsed by Ford.

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